Sunday, August 1, 2010

Greece 2010

***Warning, this is a really long post***

First I have to tell you a bit about our trip and some background. My father was Greek. He was born and raised there, served his army time as a young adult and left in his twenties. So he was Greek to the core. Lots of my family is there. All but 1 cousin from my father's side. I spent summers there as a child and 5 years ago I got to take my boys with my Dad (and my Mom) to visit his homeland. I've never regretted that trip because it proved to be the last time we could do that. My father died 4 years ago today and I'm sure if he were here he would have been in Greece with us. I missed him terribly on this trip but it was also comforting to be in the country he grew up in and spend some time in his hometown. Something about this country feels like home to me. I love it there.

This was the first time my husband has ever been, so quite a culture shock for him, but he seemed to embrace it totally. We had an amazing time. One week in Athens seeing the sites, and some day trips. One week in Northern Greece with my family. And one week in Santorini, the most beautiful place on earth!

There were so many pictures that we took on this trip it was so hard to narrow it down to a few to share.

Here are the boys in Athens. In what other country are there so many ruins that kids can go to a park and play on them!

The Aegean Sea, at the Temple of Poseidon.

Delphi. Talk about an amazing place. I love this place, the ruins, the history.

The Parthenon at the Acropolis.

Here is my budding photographer

On the island of Hydra. This was fun for the boys, Giant Chess.

The town of Hydra. The only vehicles allowed in this town are garbage trucks. It was amazing there.

The island of Poros. Only 36km square and separated from the mainland by a very narrow straight.

I love this picture, I swear I didn't set this up. After swimming in the Saronic Gulf I caught them sitting there just looking out there, no talking, just taking it all in.

What would Greece be without some beach time. This is in Northern Greece. Not very touristy at all. In fact we were the only English speaking people anywhere around that beach.

Main Street in Veria. Where my Dad grew up.

Northern Greece, just as beautiful as the islands or the the South.

The flowers, oh my, all of them there were gorgeous. Here is just one of the many flower pictures I took

My family. I love them. It's big, it's loud. This is everyone out for dinner on a Saturday night (not great lighting)

Santorini....the sunrise over the Aegean

Fira, Santorini

The volcano at Santorini

The Hot Springs near the Volcano

Ia, Santorini

The amazing sunset in Ia. You just can't take pictures of it and do it justice. It was incredible.

That's just some of our trip. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Hug those you love and make the most of every minute.

Miss you Dad, hope your off dancing and having fun somewhere.


Monica said...

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics and details about your family... lovely to read...


Michelle said...

Very beautiful pictures!!
What a wonderful trip to see family you haven't seen in awhile!!
Sorry about your loss.
We just lost my FIL he was only 63 and it was unexpected!
Hugs and prayers to you!!

Ali said...

BREATHTAKING! I bet your Dad IS dancing, Ann. ((HUGZ))-Ali

Maria said...

Oh Ann, your post got me all emotional. I'm sure your dad was with all of you during this wonderful family trip. The pictures are gorgeous and I hope to see some of them in one of your wonderful scrapbook layouts. Hubby and I were in Santorini for a half day years ago and I hope to go back and spend a week there one day. You're right, it is the most gorgeous place on earth. Hugs, Maria